Book musings on International Holocaust Remembrance Day

So many points are just absolutely on point. Highly encouraged read.

Hopelessly Infertile and Surrounded by Fertiles

Will it surprise anyone if I opine a moment on the subject of a Tennessee school banning “Maus” from being taught as part of the 8th grade curriculum. Left as open questions for the inquiring mind (mine) are the following:

Is it still allowed in the school library?

8th grade in US schools is typically the last year before US high school begins (9-12). Does removing this from the middle school/Jr. High curriculum mean it will added to the High School curriculum?

One of the board members who eventually sided with the rest of the board in the 10-0 vote to remove originally proposed censoring the naughty words. But really there’s no censoring the naked, dead mouse, unless you draw clothing on her, but since the point of the book is emphasize that the mouse was stripped to specifically to reduce her to the state of primal mouse, sub-mouse, if…

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Animal habitat cleaning day

I sometimes feel like I should just register as a small animal rescue. 3 rat cages, 9 rats, 3 guinea pig cages, 6 guinea pigs (2 hairless/skinnies) 2 bunnies. I love that I can offer them a safe and happy home . So many small pets are obtained and discarded.