So far all is good. Amazingly, especially seeing as how I’m still sleep deprived and my almost three year old has been ¬†psycho today, lol. Time to get dinner on then a quick walk in the fading sun.¬†

>Day two?

>Okay, this could get boring... or interesting. I guess it depends. Day two on no paxil. Day two on 25mg of Zoloft. Day 4 of almost no sleep. The night before last I got almost six hours, but up until then, and last night also.. maybe two hours or so?18 month sleep regression... I hope … Continue reading >Day two?


>*sigh*I've avoided the scale for quite some time. For good reason. I got brave, got on the scale, and found out I weigh as much as my 21 year old son. Im five feet tall, he's closer to six feet. Not happy about that.I seem to have an alcohol/sugar addiction issue.I began low-carbing a few … Continue reading >Mundane?