What a beautiful time of year…

The weather is perfect. Sunny and cooler but not cold. Long sleeve weather perhaps, but not jacket weather yet.

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Back from our trip

Still trying to decide whether I had a good time or not. I know that sounds horrible. The cabin is great. I love it, all the comforts of home but in the beautiful greenery that is Galiano Island.

I think that as usual, my expectations were set too high. I thought that maybe Dante would have enjoyed the beach, although a tiny nagging part of my brain warned me that he would have a melt-down as soon as he was not allowed to do what he wanted to do. What a smart little nagging part of my brain I have!

We went to the beach on the second day there. Although there was call for rain, the weather held wonderfully. We drove in through the private access road, and then got the double stroller out for the long walk through the forest and to the beach.

By the time we got there, Dante was already getting fussy, and at first would not let Akashik even put him down. He had to hold him for awhile. Then finally, once King Dante allowed his dad to put him down, he was ok… walking around a bit, exploring into the water a bit. But then  he had to be taken out of the water a little ways because it was going up to his thighs and so Akashik lifted him out a bit and moved him about a foot back and the fits started. He screamed about that, and then screamed because his dad wasn’t going into the water far enough with him (Akashik was wearing jeans, because it wasnt a super warm day). Although he played with his bucket and shovel a bit, he quickly HATED it because the shovel part is quite rounded and he had a hard time scooping sand properly.

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Happy Birthday Dante!

We celebrated Dante’s birthday today, although it isn’t actually until the tenth. On the tenth however, we will be on the Island, so we celebrated today.
Dante was a reluctant guest of honour.
He preferred to open and close all the doors and play with an old, noisy Fisher Price train that is about 30 years old. It took alot of cajoling and trickery to get this stubborn little man to actually come show some interest in his gifts.
Temper tantrums were free today, oh boy!
He finally decided to observe what was being opened, although he had no interest in opening anything himself.
Once his gifts were opened, he enjoyed playing with some new tractors and trucks and cars. He was very happy.
We were quite surprised that when it came time to blow out the candles of his cake, and we all said ‘Blow out the candles Dante’, that he actually rushed over to them and tried to blow them out.
He doesn’t say much at all, so sometimes I’m surprised by what he actually understands. He gives us very little indication of how vast his understanding really is.
He has such a temper. Sometimes I really worry. He can play so nicely and interact so nicely, but as soon as he has to do something… shoes on, sit down, get dressed, he just totally loses it. Poor Monkey.
Now , for tonight and tomorrow, I need to finish getting everything tidied up so that we can leave a clean house and I need to make sure everything is organized for our trip.
On our way back from Surrey this evening, we drove past the mountains and it made me feel a bit sad.
I’m going to miss all the mountains when we move away. My favourite part of the drive back home from Surrey (or from anywhere west) is when we get into east Abbotsford, after the Mission exit. The land opens up, the mountains rise tall, and everything is so beautiful.
But… the mountains can’t pay a mortgage. And neither can we out here. It’s just too much. Maybe if we had got a head start years ago, but now, in our late thirties, with little ones to think about and older kids that need a safe, stable place to live, remaining out here is not an option for us.
We don’t have careers. With the tiny amount we will have for a downpayment, a bank will laugh at us for anything over 130,000 (maybe even 120,000) so we have to do it. We have to move. I can’t go back to renting. And besides, even the rent out here is ridiculous. Trying to rent an affordable decent place for a family of seven?
Well, I’m tired, and there is tidying up to do. Oh! Forgot to mention, both lil guys were perfect on the way to AND from Surrey. Usually Demetrio screams for the whole drive… almost an hour. But both boys were great!

Birthday and family holiday!

Tomorrow we will be celebrating Dante’s 2nd birthday! I can’t believe it. It seems like only yesterday that I was taking my temperature, and using lingo like , ovulation, temp jump, luteal phase, betas, abbreviatons such as dtd, poas, bfn, bfp, hcg etc etc…. and now my first tubal reversal baby will be two! And my second tubal reversal baby is seven months and pulling himself up on furniture, trying to climb on everything and falling on his head… alot.
Thank-you Dr. Anthony Cheung RE from Vancouver’s Reproductive Center. I am sooo very lucky. So very fortunate. So many women and men are going through a frustrating, painful struggle with infertility. People often think that having a child is as easy as stopping the pill or what not and really, although it is easy for some, it is not at all easy for many.
Monday we are leaving for the Southern Gulf Islands for a family trip. My 16 year old daughter opted to go stay with her dad so that she could visit friends back in our old town. (he still lives there), and my 20 year old refused. I think he likes having the house to himself. But our almost 15 year old son will be with us, and the two littlest kidletts.
Still quite serious about moving to New Brunswick. Moncton. Hopefully all will go according to plan. Well… I guess then I need to HAVE a plan. If anyone has ever moved across Canada, feel free to leave a comment and share some tips!

Saturday Morning

A nice, lazy rainy day.

I woke up feeling quite positive and cheery this morning. Perhaps the lack of sleep making me giddy?

I really like Saturdays because Friday, although Akashik is home from work, he is busy doing the StupidStore shop, and whatever else needs to be done outside the home. Saturday is a true ‘at your own pace’ kind of day. Work is still two days away, no rush to get work/school clothes washed… no planning lunches . Akashik can play with Dante all day, allowing me time to enjoy one on one time with our little Demetrio.

I planted some Safflowers on Thursday, and our Calendula is growing so nicely in the egg carton on our window sill. The falling rain allows me to sit and daydream about gardening without having to actually DO any of it. lol… I can just plan, and think. I want to grow beans, tomatoes, peas, perhaps zucchini? I want to do mainly container growing to help reduce the chance of the cats using the soil as a litterbox.

Our calendula will be in containers most definitely. I use the calendula in my salves . Our Angelica is already getting quite bushy. It seems to have ignored the fact that a dusting of snow had fell only recently.

I really feel the energy of the earth.

Presence of the Lady in the rain that falls and in the quickening of life all around.

I feel the presence of the Lord in the lengthening days, the warmth in the air.

I have always loved the two changes in the year- light into dark at Autumn… the dark into light in Spring. The outward spiral is in full swing, and I’m feeling particularly caught up in it today.

Now, I’m off to eat some bacon!

Playgroup Day

Today was the first playgroup day for Terra Spirit Tots n Parents. There were three mums (myself, Pixie and Sheila), and five children. (im including my 9 week old, even though he did not participate much)
We met at about 10 am, and it was a bit tough because I dont think any of us were completely adjusted to the time change, lol.. I know that little D certainly was not amused at being woken up at 9am, as it still felt like 8am and he was up late last night.
He does not do well with other kids. I guess it is because I did not know anyone else with children when he was born and it wasnt until recently that I met up with another mom, Sheila, with a child near D’s age. And D being 19 months old… well, hes a bit stuck in his ways.
He is fine with the parents of the children. He loves them in fact. Likes to sit on their lap and begs them to pick him up. But if their children approach him, he squints one eye almost shut and screws his face up into a little grimace and it seems like he tries to make himself, or them, invisible to him.
We had an opening circle, which the kids liked. They liked circling round and listening to their mums sing. Little R wanted to sing ‘twinkle twinkle’ afterward, so we did 🙂
Sheila brought some wheat grass seeds and shamrocks, so we went outside and did sum planting.
I think if we continue doing this, little D will hopefully come out of his shell. I love him so much and it makes me feel so sad to see how unhappy he is in the presence of small children.

What better way to pass the time…

…when a baby is at your breast twelve hours/day.
This darling , cute beautiful baby boy has the amazing ability to screech like a baby dinosaur. (no Im not old enough to know what dinosaur babies sounded like, but I can imagine.)
I got very little accomplished round the house yesterday, I managed to make a stew out of the leftover roast, washed some dishes, put my hair in a ponytail, and then planted myself firmly in this chair playing with Blogger themes (thanks Sheila for the link).
So happy my husband was home, because he entertained our 18 month old while I sat here and nursed. I should mention that I did alot of rocking, dancing bouncing around the house with him also, but as far as domestic productivity? nope. Well, at least the little one will grow up feeling loved and secure… I just really hope he outgrows his baby dinosaur imitation.