That grief thing

At work today I saw a young mother putting something into her shopping cart, she had a small child with her. I don’t remember if her hair was red, or blue – it was something bright – in a cut that immediately reminded me of my daughter.

It’s sort of weird how I so quickly forgot what this young mum looked like as soon as my daughter popped into my mind. And with that thought was a wave of immense pain.

My daughter never became a mom, or got married, or traveled, or went to college/university. She didn’t get the chance to really become an adult before her life ended.

The pain was heavy and I almost cried right on the spot -pushing my big obnoxious cart through the grocery aisles, picking groceries for the online orders – but I took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

And again, slow breath in through my nose and then out through my mouth.

The tears didn’t get the chance to go any further than wetting my eyelashes.

Then I came home from work and someone had posted to my facebook wall. They had seen a post and they thought of me and shared it with me. It means a lot that people care enough about me or think about me enough that reading those words of Nick Cave made them think to share them with me.

Nick Cave’s response to a woman who emailed him about grief. Nick cave had lost his 15 year old son and had much first hand knowledge of grief. (and since then he lost another son as well) . Above is the video of those spoken words.

2 thoughts on “That grief thing

  1. The posting from Nick Cave is really touching. That must have been really difficult for you while you were at work. There aren’t any words to express how badly I feel for you.

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