Feeling better

Other than being tired still I feel good. I’m past the required five day isolation. Test still shows positive of course, but although we are told it can take a few days before a viral load can be detected, apparently it doesn’t apply the same rules to lines appearing AFTER day five when we are ok to re-mingle with society.

From Saturday, day six
From today, day 8.

I spent the week in my room, only emerging masked. Other than those two first days it was much like a cold. Glad to have been vaxxed and boosted, since many I knew got far more ill.

It’s been great having my oldest kiddo back after being in Japan for six years. My daughter would have been so excited to have her big brother back. Like with most experiences I have now, as much as they bring me joy, the grieving mama in me says “I wish you could be here for this , just doesn’t feel right without you”.

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