Lots of names

I own a lot of domain names. I spent a lot of years trying to create community. This was attempted via websites, forums etc. I myself had belonged to some wonderful online communities and I was trying to recreate that in some sense. An online respite for people with different spiritual beliefs. Whether it was for Pagan parenting, Pagan fellowship, Gnostic discussion, or an online place for an entire new spiritual path (Universal Fellowship of the Sacred Path, or Divinaturism) – there were so many ideas that were brainstormed and enjoyed and that became an online presence with an overlap into the physical world.

Facebook kind of ruined the online community thing in general. As people migrated to this new addictive interface (which was/is ugly as hell) , the old-school message boards began to grow quiet.

Each domain name that I still have sort of holds the promise of all it was meant to be. Each was like a weird virtual child that I had named, nurtured and tried to help grow.

Today I’ve pretty much decided (i think?) to let my self hosted sites go. I already migrated my personal blog inthewind.ca to this address at wordpress. I may pay for the base level so that i can use the domain name here. Especially now that I just found out one of the domain names of one of the sites had expired in April and hostgator never bothered to send an email. I checked – nothing. They just deleted it.

I had tried making an online community using Oxwall, which is a pretty great free software for social networking sites. I loved making it, it was a lot of fun. But it’s dead and empty. No one writes there except me – so I guess I’ll just keep the domain name and file it along with all the other names that were once great ideas.

So… long story short – or short story long – this will be my main blog I guess.


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