The Relief of Resonation

Sometimes I come across blogs or books that contain gems which I can resonate so deeply it’s almost ridiculous. It’s comforting because when that happens, when we find resonance in the experience of another, it strengthens the realization of our interconnectedness.

This post is one of those. Teo Bishop’s struggle he went through during this time, his revelations, thoughts and ponderings really hit close to home for me.

I think my favourite part from here was this

A part of me would like for all of this to be simple: believe that Jesus is the son of God (or don’t), and believe that that means a very specific thing with very specific consequences and very specific edicts attached to it, and you’ll know how to live your life. But that part of me is minuscule when compared to the sense of God’s immediacy in my life at this moment. And the divine seems to care nothing about what I believe! My ability (or inability) to parse all of this out doesn’t make a difference. I still feel an awareness of God working in my life somehow.

And maybe that’s Grace. Maybe the message isn’t that “It doesn’t matter what you do, Jesus has washed your sin away,” but rather “It doesn’t matter what you do, you are swept up in the current of the Spirit… It is always already working in your life… You do not have to deserve it, or earn it, or justify yourself in the eyes of the divine… you are always already in a state of being loved.”

The Divine moves and that current carries. I’m in that current. I don’t pretend to understand it even though I try and try. (which just exhausts the brain) – All I can do is receive, and honour and accept it. Even THAT can be a struggle within itself.

I find that I can be a Christian , and still celebrate the wheel of the year, the cycles of life, death, rebirth, the symbolism of the elements (which are used in many churches – water, incense, candles, etc) the presence of Deity within the world around us. For me, it holds a deeper meaning now, but this process was painful. A pruning and a growth, becoming the tree I am meant to become I suppose. Each of us so different, but each with roots extending deep into the source.

What a journey.

I’m so glad to come across others who have those experiences, not just from Pagan->Christian but any internal spiritual transformation. I love to hear about spiritual growth, currents, experience. We are all part of the same story and I love to read all the chapters.



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