High Autumn ~ The Equinox


A short  Myth followed by commentary:

She loved his companionship, but it was now time for the wheel to turn. It was time for self sacrifice. Such had been the way since time eternal.

She kissed him then. They danced one final dance, Her leaves vibrating with His energy, revealing the blossoms within. The creeks and rivers filled with salmon, all of Her was awake, waiting and ready for this final moment. She was alive,holding him, receiving his love.

The time arrived.

She removed her arms from around Him, freeing Him so that she could bring life. And death.

Released from Her loving embrace, He exploded into an abundance of light. His energy free and blazing.

She stood and braced Herself gracefully.

The intense heat from the  rupture caused  fruits to ripen and the wheat to stand tall in the fields.

She spun, slowly, gently, moving away from his light…

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