It was time to double my  night time dose of seroquel last night. I thought I would feel far worse this morning than I did. I’m constantly in a slight fog these days (taking currently 75mg or 3-25mg tabs) but its not the flat fog that made me want to do nothing, like the divalproex, at least every day I’ve felt inspired enough to keep my kitchen really clean and stay on top of some housework. It seems to have slowed down my ruminating also. Of course, by the end of the week I’ll be on 150mg total so… I might be a total zombie, haha.

Anyhooo, I have two new books on the way about Kabbalah. Still, in all my spiritual ventures, Kabbalah is one thing that really clicks for me, specifically Lurianic Kabbalah. So I want to continue pursuing that.

Littlest child home from school for the second day. Yesterday it was because he developed croup during the night the night before, and today its because the cough is still quite pronounced. Thought he could use an extra day at home. 6 year old made it in today and leaving him wasn’t as hard as it has been, I didn’t see an actual tear today – YAY, progress. That’s all for now! 🙂


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