Dog Days of Summer

Well, let’s see. It’s been a sort of odd few weeks. Of course, as I have said, my best friend is gone. I’m still feeling sick about it. Here is a pic of her in the vet’s, shortly before her time ended:


And now here’s a tree and one of my children


… because it doesn’t make me cry

Another one of my girl – because I like to remember her out in the yard playing. This is from last week, with my two youngest:


These two are from yesterday – or the day before:



It was actually chilly enough for a light jacket yesterday – though not really cold enough for a good I don’t think.

And here is an experiment I was doing with two vitamins today.
One on the left from Melaleuca and one on the right from Natural Factors. Seeing which dissolved fastest in cold tap water:

the one on the left is the expensive melaleuca and the one on the right is the much cheaper Natural Factors (my personal fav)

there… a very random post 🙂

#vitamins #melaleuca #ilovemydog #ilovemykids


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