Mid-Life Whine

I can complain about this now right? I just turned 40, therefore I am now technically ‘Mid-Life’?  

Anyhow, I quit Facebook a few weeks back. My second time doing so, but this time I completely totally quit/deleted the whole thing (I chose the scary option in the ‘delete account’ section)

Facebook is the worst thing to happen to friendships. Truly.

Sure, it’s the best thing to happen to ‘speed-dating-style’ acquaintances , and an awesome way to stay in touch with people that you really, truly can’t stay in touch with any other way (I suppose?) but for regular friendships?

Let’s say Kate and I used to get together for coffee sometimes. Get the kids together to play, have a chuckle, maybe a glass of wine, touch on a few subjects, but mainly converse about things we both are mutually interested in.

Along comes facebook. Suddenly I get to see Kate’s incessant posting about Breast is Best – and yes, it is, but she’s posting these pictures and postcards constantly. She is promoting breastfeeding until they are 15… or 5, or something, whatever…. then the ANTI this and PRO that starts to really come up and suddenly I’m wanting to wack Kate off her virtual soapbox with a 2×4.

I get to see when Kate is in the EcoGirlzRule store, and when she is out for dinner. YAY! go Kate!

 I also get to see how many times my friend Bob is drunk in a week, and see all his stupid misspelled bad-taste jokes scrolling by in the ultra-annoying feed at the side.  

I am seeing sides of my ‘friends’ that I didn’t need to see. 

The quality of our ‘friendship’ has dwindled to stupid posts on FB, witty one liners and some Likes.

The kicker?

My 40th birthday came round… and guess what? Without FB to tell the poor sheeple that it was my birthday, they were unable to remember it. Nevermind that I have known some of these people for 10+ years, and that I remembered their birthdays… nope. They couldnt remember. No call. Nothing. Actually, even my dad missed it.. but only by a day. 

FB has totally cheapened friendships. Like a virtual Super-Sized Fries.

And for the record, I don’t have a friend named Kate or Bob…. but you get the idea… they represent a far too large portion of the people I was at one time ‘friends’ with.

Okay, Mid-Life Whine over.


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