James Shrig
If you believe that decentralization makes Diaspora unique …

… and think facilitating pod-installation for the average user should be a priority, please reshare this. Let the core developers know.

Recently, in a discussion in the comments of a post, Sarah (from Diaspora Inc) said that studies show other features are more important to social-networking users than decentralization, and that D*’s short-term goals did not prioritize this.

“IMO privacy and decentralization aren’t good enough reasons to get people to switch away from other social networks. We [Diaspora] already have all the people who care about that. 🙂 To get other people to join, we need a product they actually want to use. Diaspora Inc. is currently focusing on that. But the core devs as a whole, a group that includes the folks from Diaspora Inc. as well as several of us volunteers, realize that in addition, the federation and installation code needs building out and/or revising before we take the code out of alpha.”

When I disagreed about the importance of decentralization for Diaspora’s users, her response:

“You’re still free to disagree, but I suggest doing some research before making assertions about what is and is not important to people when it comes to social networking. There’s some very interesting academic research in this area, in addition to other large studies conducted by the for-pay research centers. Enjoy, it’s interesting reading.”

I don’t think I am alone in thinking decentralization is at the core of Diaspora. If you agree, please reshare so the core team hears you. #diaspora #core #diasporainc #privacy #decentralization


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