Dad uses Facebook to teach daughter a lesson

I’m seeing this all over the place. As a mother of five (and being someone who was a rotten, angsty teenager) I feel qualified to comment:

I think the point is ‘was shooting it over the top?’ and it was. This man buys his 15 year old daughter a laptop and cellphone? And then shoots it rather than give it away to someone less fortunate ? Maybe he should have instilled in her a sense of the all-mighty dollar by paying her for chores so that she could buy her own cell phone and laptop. I have five kids aged 3-23 and none of them have, or will have, a cell phone or laptop bought for them at that age. All a kid has to do is turn on the tv and see insanity all around them. Back in the ‘good ol days’ there weren’t reruns of the Towers falling down, over and over and over again, 24 hour coverage of OJ Simpson fleeing the cops. Our kids are exposed to total insanity. They see it as soon as they turn on the computer (which he bought for her) or the TV. Back in the ‘good ol days’ raised some very abusive damaged people. Kids obeyed their parents out of fear, not out of respect… respect is learned later. I grew up in the 80’s, just as beating your kids was becoming less popular, but even still, you can see the damage in many people today. Yes, kids grow up with a sense of entitlement, and that’s definitely not ideal, but giving your kids expensive gifts that they don’t work for does NOT help, and then shooting the same expensive gift teaches them nothing later in life. And regardless, it is not till we are adults that the full ramifications of our childhood are realized.

Dad uses Facebook to teach daughter a lesson


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