Rest in Peace Ilya Zhitomirskiy

The sad news yesterday regarding the death of Ilya, one of the fab 4 of the D* team was quite a shock. He was only 22. The same age as my oldest child. He, and his three companions (and of course many others behind the scenes working hard) brought the world a brand new kind of Social Networking. One that aimed to put the control into the user’s hands. 

Although it is not quite at the stage where your Average Joe can go set up his own pod, there are many public Diaspora pods, and hundreds of thousands of active users. I joined a few months ago, after fleeing Google+ Orwellian-type social network system.  I’ve never looked back. 

Since that time I’ve met some amazing people, and engaged in some very deep and stimulating conversations (as well as some slightly ridiculous ‘nude rock’ conversations,- don’t ask lol ) I also came across some people from  Friendica. Another FOSS platform. Now I am on Friendica as well and can converse back and forth between Diaspora and Friendica. Friendica isn’t yet as pretty as Diaspora but is very functional and has fantastic potential. 

Diaspora is slowly coming into its own. People now realize how easy it is to join, conversations are flying, pictures and news stories are being shared, people are FINALLY realizing there are some amazing options to Facebook… I’m sorry Ilya will not be around to watch this progression grow and continue. 

Sites like Diaspora and Friendica really feel like a community, and therefore, one really feels a sort of connection to the platform developers. Almost a friendship. These guys respond to feedback, they join in on conversations… no one is trying to make any money, they are simply trying to make a difference.

My heart goes out to Ilya’s loved ones, all his friends and family… may everyone find the strength they need to make it through this difficult time. 


The image was made by the pod host, David Morley


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