>Family Ostara

>A family Ostara is quite simple really. All the festivities that are associated with Easter are more than appropriate. (minus the ascension)

On the family altar, decorated eggs, early spring flowers, anything that represents new growth. Likewise, if you have things that you want to see take off and flourish, representative tokens of these desires should be placed there as well.

The days are growing longer than the nights from this point on and will continue to do so until Mid-Summer, at the solstice. This is one reason why it’s my favourite time. There is only hope at things to come. No thoughts of long nights and cold days… just anticipation of those lazy summer afternoons, spent in gardens and parks and beaches etc… amongst all the greenery that now is merely a promise.

Everywhere around us is evidence of life returning. Lord and Lady are young and vital, full of energy.

I think a nice big pork roast with mint sauce and maybe my special banana cake made with cream cheese…fresh greens, chocolate eggs for the kids.

Truly Ostara is one of my most favourite sabbats.


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