The First Month

Has passed.

All I can say is… Thank Goodness for The Wiggles!

Dante loves the Wiggles right now, and they are my best friends. He loves to watch them, and I can sit with him, while nursing baby and sing along, point out things taking place on the show etc. They dont babysit him as much as help to provide a bit of entertainment that we can both enjoy. Much easier than holding Demetrio, or nursing him while Dante is building and throwing blocks. (though we do that too)

So, Im still having a ridiculous time putting Dante down for a nap. Trying to rock and cuddle with him does not work with Demetrio crying in my lap, nor does it work with Demetrio crying in another room… and Im really wanting to have an hour to lay down during the day. Im still dealing with postpartum flow, possibly because for the past two weeks I have been picking up 30lb Dante to cuddle him, or put him in his highchair or into bed….that and dancing around the living room holding Demetrio to calm him, not sure if any of that is contributing or not.

I’m really wanting a haircut, but not sure how to do that when this lil monkey is nursing hourly.



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