These are the final hours…

before #5 arrives. And sheesh, Im so nervous. going under the knife, even though this is the 5th c section (6th abdominal surgery) and you would think I would be ok with it by now… I am still so scared. The spinal, the catheter, the drainage tube in the abdomen, hoping that the baby comes out crying, healthy and well… hoping I don’t bleed to death on the table… lol. Ok, no really, Im serious….
Im looking forward to meeting our newest addition and finding out whether it is a boy or girl. Truthfully, even though I REALLY wanted to know, I am actually super glad we didn’t find out.
This is our last.
I closed down the store until the 15th of January to give myself time to heal before worrying about making stuff and shipping etc….
Well, just wanted to give a quick update, little D, as usual is attacking my hands while I am trying to type… he REALLY wants to type on the comp, so when Im typing, he grabs my hands and tries to move them so that HE can type. ITs really cute, if not slightly annoying.. LOL
Ohhhh I am going to miss him so much while Im gone. 😦


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