Terra Spirit Essentials!

Is finally going to be up and running… one day. Not sure when… lol

I have ordered almost all the merchandise I need to sell. Now I just have to choose my platform. Go with eBay? Seems the easiest method, with possibley using a gateway site also so that it is picked up by google. (I own a domain name that is currently attached to a free site)

So, soaps, salves, Jin Sticks incense, massage oils, and 100% pure beeswax candles.

I’m hoping everything comes in at least a week or so before the end of December so that I can make up alot of things before baby gets here.

I went to the diabetic clinic yesterday for my gestational diabetes. Picked up my glucose meter and so far in the 12 times I have had to test, my sugars have been good. Less than five, or at five, before a meal and about 6.8 after meals…

Hoping this can keep up and that it will mean I can avoid insulin.

Started my fetal non-stress testing as well. That will be weekly until this little one is born.

So, all is well around here. 🙂


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