It was a pretty great day! 🙂
Husband and the boys got alot of yard work done, cleaning out of the dying plants, clearing around the trees, bagging up the green waste (we have too much for our yard and are taking a large amount of it to the Green Recycling Facility)

My daughter picked some lemon balm for drying, and did a bit of weeding in the front.
I made some patchouli oil, because I am going to make a patchouli salve tomorrow.
Husband Akashik and I went to the river today with our little guy, for an evening walk.
And now it’s after midnight and I am STILL up, as usual.
The only time I really have for myself is after the little guy is in bed, and then I start drawing, or writing, or reading or webbing. KNOWING full well he will be awake in six hours. lol….
So, I am going to be smart, and get to bed.
Blessings to you all!


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