Well, It has been a few months. I’m not good at keeping up to date with my blogs/journals etc. Lets see.. well, we have moved. Out of Delta/Surrey and into the Fraser Valley. I just had my 35th birthday and Dante Lucian is expected via c-section August tenth.
The house is great. Five bedrooms, one full bathroom and two half bathrooms with showers. Three in total. Thats a first. I have been stuck with one bathroom for 14+ years, so this is quite the treat.
The u/s confirmed that we are having a boy (in case one couldnt tell by the name)…. and I think that we have all we need for him so far. 🙂
We co-own the house with my mom. She doesnt live here, but she will receive her downpayment back plus profit when we sell in the years to come. We wouldnt have been able to do it otherwise.
So, I guess things are looking up, or at least heading in the right direction. Pablo will have to find work out this way soon. The commute is awful, especially with the cost of gas. So, a scarey time will come when he is taking parental leave.. because he will have to find new employment out this way and hopefully this employment will have some of the same benefits (medical, insurance etc) that his current job offers.


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